A Trip To Remember - Rome

Experience Italy’s hot-blooded capital, its vibrant street life and its historical ruins. With your own dedicated art historian visit the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican Museums and other must-see sites. Meet local artisans during a private tailor-made tour based on your likings, enjoy Italian lifestyle aboard your Vespa bike with a professional driver while discovering Rome’s picturesque neighborhoods and satisfy your palate with the most famous roman street food.

Take a fun and guided visit of the biggest movie studios in Europe and learn “behind the scenes” curiosities; get ready for a real Gladiator workout session to learn the fight techniques of these ancient figures and join us on a thrilling exploration of Rome’s underground visiting the largest catacombs in town. Lastly, fulfill your senses with a Michelin starred lunch while admiring the amazing views of the Colosseum.