A Trip To Remember - Sardinia

Let us take you to Sardinia for an exciting experience to discover some of the dreamiest beaches and mingle with the local crowd for unique adventures! Start with an original wine tour aboard your own tuk-tuk, visit the winery and indulge into a wine tasting; sail away on your private yacht for a tour around the stunning Maddalena Archipelago and plunge into the clear waters while having fun with some cool watersports. Head to the countryside for the unique chance to learn and taste local dishes hosted privately by locals; get ready to cruise on your 4 x 4 Jeep for an itinerant tour around Sardinia hills, with stunning views of the sea and off-road paths and shop in style in the most famous fashion district of the area. Finally, lay down and enjoy a VIP beach day at a renowned beach club in your private cabana and experience a golf private session with your own coach in one of the most renowned golf clubs of the area.